Kashani expresses his emotions and ever changing life through his choreography.  Kashani earned a Bachelors of
Arts Degree in Communication from the College of New Rochelle in May 2003. In April 2010, Kashani earned a
graduate certificate from Columbia Business School’s Institute for Non-Profit Management.

One summer afternoon in 1986, Kashani’s mother asked him if he would like to take dance classes.  Assuming she
was joking Kashani said “Yes”. Before Kashani knew it, he began his training in Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Tap at the
age of 10 with the New Experince Dance Ensemble (NEDE).  From the very first day Kashani felt he was born to

While studying with NEDE at the age of 14, Kashani was asked to become an Assistant Teacher. Simultaneously,
Kashani had already begun teaching dance classes at the age of 12 at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.  

K.S. J.A.M.M. Dance Troupe was founded in 1988, at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, by Kashani Stokley and his
youth counselor Stan Morse.  Mr. Morse encouraged him to share his passion for dance with other youth in the

In addition to teaching, Kashani began the work-study program at Broadway Dance Center where he studied with
professional teachers such as Frank Hatchett.  Kashani’s work-study led to other professional training opportunities
with the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre and the Alvin Ailey
American Dance Theater.  

Throughout his training and founding of K.S. J.A.M.M. Dance Troupe, Kashani has held several professional
positions with various non-profit organizations and corporations.  Currently, he is the Director of Operations for a non-
profit organization.